Next Couple of Gigs in November 08

Well, we’re headed into the studio for All Hallow’s Eve weekend – in keeping with our ever joyful and somewhat spacy mojo. 🙂 . If you remember, our last recording session was in the slightly haunted house down in Cottage Grove. So it’s entirely appropriate that we’re recording on this wonderfully mystical and fun weekend… but the following weekend, NEW DATE:Friday November 7th, look for us at Goodfellas in Springfield.

Avid called us to play part of the night with them, so we’ll be starting around NEW TIME: 9:00 and playing till about 11PM. We’ll be fresh out of the studio and will be looking forward to some more un-scripted playing. We’ll be looking for YOU!

The following weekend, we’ll be playing Friday night November 14th again at Goodfellas. Well, normally we’d never play the same place two weekends in a row, but that’s how it’s turned out. This show should be fun, with lots of improv jamming and general craziness…everybody taking solos and who knows what. We’ve got a couple things you’ve not yet heard, perhaps a new tune, or a remake we’ve never played in public before to try out on you. It’s an all nighter, so we’ll be doing your favorite Scarlet tunes…just call ’em out!

Bring your crystalline sunglasses, take some pictures… and maybe we’ll snap some pics of you for the website!

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