Saturday Night at the Studio

studio60207_2-007.jpgLast night we recorded the basic tracks for the final three songs in this project. As always, we had great fun in the studio, and Ben the engineer was really good at getting the sounds. He’s easy to work with, a night owl like us – and it was just so nice not to have to engineer ourselves this time!

Visionarium was well equipped and had some excellent outboard gear, all in all a pretty cool place. Ben the owner/engineer knows his system well. Mike has done quite a bit of tech work for him (audio gear and live sound engineering is what he does in his business, “Twisted Wires”). He’s kind of an audio gear snob (but in a good way 🙂 ) so when he speaks highly of a studio’s equipment, it’s really a pretty good recommendation. And he recommended that for the price, we should try out Visionarium.

We took a few photos that we’ll post in the gallery at In my other bands we never thought to take pictures of recording studios or shows, but now we have quite a bit of fun snapping silly shots.

Tonight we’ll be doing the guitar overdubbing and hopefully get to the vocals. And I’ll post another update afterwards. So great to finally finish these songs; there’s some stuff we’re all really please with in this collection.

Upcoming: we’ll be doing a bunch of shows to raise the funds for the CD pressing. This next show at the end of the month is a benefit, but after that we’ll book some venues. It’ll be great to see all of you guys again.

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