Sunday Night – Guitar Tracking

Brian overdubbing guitar parts

Brian overdubbing guitar parts

We wound up doing guitar tracks tonight, with all the rhythms and solos done, and just a few clean parts to do on Monday. So vocals will have to wait till that’s done. There’s some nice fat guitar sounds on these songs, and some cool tones…seems that Ben enjoys guitar tracking most of all. He and Brian worked really well together, and then called it an early evening.

I braved temporary deafness 😉 and snapped this shot of Brian while the amps were on “10”.

And it turned out to be perfect that I didn’t sing yet. During the scratch vocals during the basic tracks, I just wasn’t overjoyed with the lyrics of “Ring That Bell”…singing it during the basic tracks yesterday just made me realize that it wasn’t quite up to the lyrical quality of the other tunes. So sitting there in the control room these verses just popped straight into my head. How lucky is that? I quickly borrowed a pen and jotted them down before they got away 🙂 .

Usually I like to let songs “season” a bit but since this one is kinda punky it just falls together nicely. And now I’m happier with it. Almost certainly my delivery of the vocals will evolve, (which is why I try to avoid recording brand new songs) but this one will be captured as initially delivered. Over the years of recording I’m always kinda sorry when that happens, since the natural changes improve the song. But still, I’m happy with the new lyrics.

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