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studio60207_2-006.jpgWanted to post a bit of an update on the mixing. My first thoughts are that all three new tunes came out quite cool, the tracks are great. This recording has taken a bit of time, but its been worth it, and we’re pretty happy with it. However, I’d really like to enchant up the overall production on them. This doesn’t mean we won’t post them as is, though! I know some of you have been waiting to hear these and we will post ’em this month!

These songs are all “views from the hologram” (kind of a soundtrack for the Journey) and I’d like them to have a certain kind of magick in the production. However, the tracks came out quite good, Ben’s studio has some great gear, and I’m excited to hear these tunes next to the ones we recorded ourselves at our little studio.

So as of now…Ring that Bell is mixed, and it turned out surprisingly well. I think it was a surprise to all of us! 🙂 We’ll be posting an mp3 sample on RockScarlet.com first, and possibly on myspace.

Wayside turned out pretty sweet – this may be the next video as well. We may use some video footage from the upcoming benefit we’ll be doing, and since this song is such an epic tune, maybe a little extra fun footage as well. That may take a little while to complete, but I’ll announce here when its done.

We somewhat rushed thru Riding The Wheel on the 8th as we had to leave for Seattle that day. We’d like to do some tweaking to that one, but for now maybe we’ll post it, or part of it. We know what we want to do with it, so maybe we’ll play with it in the upcoming days.

In my long musical adventure, I’ve written tunes that made me really happy, and some that always seemed to be not-quite-right over the years, but the ones during these last 3 years that I’ve been writing with Brian have all seemed to jell just right. As a songwriter and as a guitar player, Brian never ceases to impress me. He’s got a very organic, intuitive, and spontaneous way of songwriting that totally works with my own. And I never want to take that for granted, it’s a special thing when the songs flow so well. Love it!

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