The Oracle

The other night we were playing this new one that has such a great groove to it; it feels so sultry, laid back, and kinda dark, yet (like all our tunes) still fun of course. As soon as I heard the riff this dream scene came back to me and became the beginning lyrical lines.

The music is another one of Brian’s fabulously cool riffs, and the aforementioned dream is one I’ve had now and again over the years. You know the type – those dreams that stay with you all day…

In the dream a bunch of us entered this huge and ornate gateway into an endlessly long dwelling – well it was more than a building, it was like an alternate reality. Within it were rooms and rooms seemingly without end, each one had a cultural and time specific decor…for example: one space was revolutionary France, another space was pre-conquest South America, another was 1920s USA. In each “room” we put on costumes and settled in to the places – and although I remembered the people, most did not remember me.

I urged them to move forward with me thru the rooms but they refused. And very few of us kept on moving and it seemed important and exciting that we did so.

Not that we didn’t have fun in this alternate bunch of realities! We enjoyed each room, marveled at the decorations and costumes, but a part of us remained barely conscious that we were traveling thru, that each room was just part of the adventure.

The lyrics go on from there to a different vision, but I don’t want to go into them all now since this song won’t be in this current batch of recordings. I’ll post them when the next batch is getting recorded or something. But the lyric begins…

“So one by one we entered the gateway
And one by one we lost our way…”

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  1. Hey Scarlet
    Will you be posting these lyrics online anytime soon? My curiosity is piqued now and I really want to read the rest of them. Thanks for posting this entry.

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