Mixing again

Brian and I are back at work mixing, dong a few overdubs here ‘n there, with Richie giving some eq input on the drums.  Between us we’re getting better at mixing all those tracks we have already recorded.   We have all these tunes close to completed and now’s the time, while it’s so cold outside!  It’s sounding really nice and we’ll be posting stuff again soon.

What happened to the last sessions from Gung Ho studio?  Well, had a great time recording, but we didn’t complete the mix, and at this point we’ve decided that we may not complete them.  We had wanted to be really open-minded and tried the suggested metronome playing (although Richie’s timing is quite good anyway).  As a band  we are very interested in outside feedback and are willing to try anything, but the metronome thing just didn’t work for the vibe of our tunes.  The tracks seemed somewhat flat and Richie was not able to shine in that situation.  And a lot of the Scarlet Project is that each musician excels at what they do… so we weren’t entirely inspired with the resulting tracks.

Brian also has an incredible guitar set-up for recording, and didn’t replicate it at the studio.  Mike’s playing really depends upon the energy of everybody else in the room.  They have some beautiful microphones and I was happy with the vocal work that I did, but I don’t mind sacrificing that.   All in all we had great fun and really loved the creative energy of Gung Ho, and enjoyed working with Lav, but due to those decisions we made we’ll probably just move on.   Anyway, that’s how we feel now.

Listening to the tracks we have here,  they feel good… even the ones that were done ‘way back when Richie just joined the project.  And the more recent ones are really great.  The mics and rooms aren’t as nice, but the energy is great and sounds like us, so we’ll see what we can do with ’em and post them.

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