Rehearsal and appreciation…

Last night we had rehearsal, running thru songs for the show on Saturday night at Happy Hours, and changing up the sets a bit. It appears that we might also record that show, so if you’re there… the more noise the better! 🙂 We’ve decided that maybe a live recording will be easier to mix and get posted online faster!

The four of us have basically been together as a band for 4 years, and we’ve gotten to know each other pretty well, have learned what to expect from each other, and to accept our differences. And we really like each other, which is sometimes unusual when you’ve been playing together for so long.

A band is like any other relationship: you each bring your strengths and vulnerabilities to the project, and that union makes its own entity. You’ll compliment each other in some ways and irritate each other in other ways. You’ll never agree on everything, but you can validate each other and respect each other’s opinions; if you’re smart, you’ll learn from each other. If you’re lucky, you’ll enjoy each other for the uniqueness that you each are.

Anyway, last night after actual rehearsal we got out the acoustic guitars and started tossing around some song ideas in the kitchen. Mike and Brian were playing acoustics, and Richie was playing percussion on the counter, bottles, bowls, etc. At one point (admittedly the guys had all shared a couple beers by this time) Mike was singing a funky old “americana” song, Brian was soloing, and Richie and I were singing harmonies while doing Motown dance moves. And I looked around and thought “what a great moment this is” and how lucky we are to play together. Sometimes you never get this comfortable with your band, and sometimes you never get this good a band… so I just wanted to take a moment to really savor it.

It’s one of those seemingly little things that are really big things in our lives – how we relate to the people we’re close to.

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  1. You guys are superstars, so keep gathering in the kitchen, and keep hanging out together, and keep producing great, original music.

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