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Tonight I was reading an article on Huffington Post by John Mellencamp decrying the corporate control of the music business that began in the 80s.  It was a good article,  in which he said something that really touched me:
"The artist is here to give the listener the opportunity to dream, a very profound and special gift even if he’s minimally successful. If the artist only entertains you for three and a half minutes, it’s something for which thanks should be given."

He talked about how music used to come from the people, the street, the clubs… and now it comes from some faceless corporate “bean-counter” only focused on profit and not knowing about, feeling or caring about actual music.  And I thought about all of YOU, who download songs from our website, see the videos, buy our CDs and come to our shows, who support us with your comments and friendship and love.  You’re the reason we play live, and you’re the reason we strive to get the music posted.  You’re the ones who tell your friends about us, who turn them on to us and who make it happen.  It’s a community and we are all grateful for YOU.

There was a time when I thought I’d have to give up performing due to a bunch of rather unpleasant lawsuits and music business contracts.  It was a hard time for me, because I love to write, sing and perform.  And sometimes I would just go into the woods and sing to trees…no I’m not kidding.  Just to get the musical energy out there, even if it seemed I couldn’t make a move without an avalanche of legal mess piling up.  Well, I got past all that, but my point is that it makes me grateful for each of YOU and blessed to be able to share our music with you.


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