Posting Two New Songs

Tonight two songs from the upcoming CD (which I’m temporarily calling “Views from the Hologram”) are now uploaded.

Tonight we’ve posted samples of these two songs: “Wayside” and “Ring That Bell” on the band website music page, and perhaps I’ll start posting them here in the blog, as well. They’re under a minute long so you won’t have to wait for downloading. If you’d rather hear the whole thing, we’ve put them on the myspace page.Myspace currently only allows 4 songs, so we’ll probably rotate them as we finish them. We’re hustling to get this recording project all wrapped up, and although we’ll probably remix them, we’ve decided to post the versions we have now. So if you like to hear how things change, you might want to listen to them soon before they’re replaced with remixed versions.

Why not post “Riding the Wheel”? It needs a little sprucing up, that quick mix just didn’t do it justice. But the tracks are great, they’ll be up soon. Meanwhile, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy these samples.

We’re writing a whole bunch of new tunes, so I’d expect that we’ll be recording and mixing quicker in the near future… ooh, so much music and there’s that thing about time speeding up again. 2012 and all that, I suppose. 🙂

PS)These are MP3s of course. We’re going to be making the higher quality .wav files available soon.

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  1. Where can I download these complete songs for my ipod? I like to sing along, and I need new Scarlet songs. Can’t wait for the CD!

  2. These snippets are such a tease….-but quite the appetizing tease. Thanks for the gifts of your creations, and can hardly wait to get the full dose, and already getting excited to experience the magic that is Rock Scarlet.

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