New songs…

Working on a few new tunes that are going to be a bit more dynamic and airy than our usual fair, but definitely still rock.   Finally, it feels like we’re creating the musical energy that goes with the lyrics. 


I’d say that the new direction (which ranges from haunting, similar to “Egypt Eyes” and “Oracle” to somewhat progressive, like “Waves”) expresses the lyrical content better.  When we first wrote Waves we were concerned that it wasn’t as heavy as much of our material, and it turned out to be one of our more requested songs.  It’s so great that our friends/fans are such flexible and open minded people!:-)

It can get so easy to box yourself in to a style or format that is familiar… but I’ve been feeling for quite a long time that I wanted more dynamics, and finesse in the set.  I’d really like to see everything from keyboards and acoustic guitars added to the shows, with sonic room for Brian to use all the huge variety of sounds at his disposal…plus more air around the vocals.  It’s expansion and change, and that’s always good.  We won’t drop our rockers, of course… but adding new energy – change- feels important now.  I feel change in the air!

It occurs to me that when we find ourselves stuck in ruts, even the smallest change can give us new direction.  And the best part is that nobody knows what the new direction will bring.

Can’t wait to finish the new songs!

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  1. Can’t wait for Psychanaut the concept sounds amazing. Where will you play? Will you send out announcements to the Rock Scarlet list?

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