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Some time ago a couple of friends urged me to join facebook.  Admittedly, I’m often negligent of this blog, much less logging in and writing what I’m doing on facebook.  So it was with some reluctance that I finally made the jump and created not only a facebook account, but a twitter account as well.

And the digital global interconnectedness experiment continues… 🙂

So, if you want to follow me on twitter, click the link below.  I’m randomly tweeting…you may find out things that I’ve not yet blogged about – or maybe just some top-of-the-head thoughts and quotes:

And on facebook, I’ve done not much yet… but when the mood strikes, I’ll log in there and maybe post something amusing…here’s the link:

One thing we’ve all probably noticed is that the bulk of things posted by most people are just everyday stuff…on the practical level, not all that thrilling — but the whole idea of instant connection that can potentially connect humans in new ways is exciting (in an social anthropological sort of way).  

And just today I read an article called “Get Smarter” with an interesting point of view about technological tools and human evolution, (one of my favorite subjects – OK, possibly my favorite subject). 

“But here’s an optimistic scenario for you: if the next several decades are as bad as some of us fear they could be, we can respond, and survive, the way our species has done time and again: by getting smarter. But this time, we don’t have to rely solely on natural evolutionary processes to boost our intelligence. We can do it ourselves.”

If you’re like me, it’s thought provoking and well worth the read: 

What do you think?  Tell me here, or on facebook, or on twitter, or by email, or IM, or…..!!

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  1. Found out about you through Twitter. Watched a couple of your YouTube videos and then found the band web page. After listening to your music for a couple of days, your demo CD suddenly appeared in the middle of the living room! I walked through and there it was with no other CD’s anywhere nearby. Found out that my wife picked it up while belly dancing at one of your shows. That was several months ago. What a magickal time for it to appear. She had no clue I was listening to your music. Looking forward to seeing you rock out.

    Psychonaut Blessings,


    A useful service:
    You can use Ping to post your status to multiple services with a single mouse click. I use it when I have an overarching thought I’d like to post to Facebook/Twitter/MySpace. You can even email your status via cell phone.

  2. Wow Griguthul that magickal CD story is amazing! And there’s even more serendipity here: I tried to contact those belly dancers just before our last Happy Hours show – I’d love to have at least a couple of them dance to “Egypt Eyes” in a video taped show. The number I had for them was no longer working. And here you are married to one of ’em…cool huh?
    If you two will be at this Saturday’ night’s show at Happy Hours (Aug 1st), please come up and get acquainted. Fellow Psychanauts are my most favorite people. 😀
    PS)loved your blog page! And thanks for the link, I’ll be sure to use that one…

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