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In the 06-24-07 post, I listed 5 of your questions – I’ll address the last two here. Do I ever write love songs? Well, on one level I suppose they’re all love songs! I like to say that I’m always in love – and I suppose people close to me would laugh and agree. But I’ve never been a huge fan of writing the traditional love song (although they are still the most popular songs since everybody can relate to them). I tend to write in a more surreal, fantasy style, which paints a picture or creates a mood – at least that’s the goal. So the songs just don’t easily fall into the normal “love song” style.

You’ll hear reference to or bits of stories that relate to relationships and romance in some of the tunes, tho, along with other themes.

And the last question from that batch, “Are you a….(fill in the blank with belief system)?” Short answer, nope.  although I have my favorites, (Paganism and Wicca being foremost), I’ve never been much of a “joiner” and being an evolving being, I choose to remain unfettered by belief systems. (There is an article of mine called “dogma free zone” on if you want more descussion of that idea).

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  1. I found your band on You guys ROCK, and I recognized immediately how you respect the intelligence of your listeners. Visiting this blog gives a whole new insight into you and what you’re doing musically and spiritually. You don’t dumb it down and you don’t put on any plastic veneer, plus the music is just damn hot.
    PSI’ve added your songs to my soundclick station as well. Will be listening for more new songs.

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