Roseburg show…

Wow, that show turned out to be ‘way more fun than we’d imagined – and if you were there, you know what I mean.  The crowd was awesome, the room was big and we had a great time rockin the place. We may have gotten some video footage…

And if so, we’ll edit it into short bits and post it.

Meanwhile, we’re getting questions about the bio on .  We’ll update it pretty soon, adding a variety of stuff on there as we go through this period of evolution.  You’ve noticed Richie is still pounding the drums, and you’ve seen the newest face in our lineup… more cool shapeshifting to come!

This week we’re writing some new tunes, and taking a little time to reflect and regroup for the upcoming Autumn Equinox.  Staying centered in the midst of the storm, so to speak. 

There may be another show before the Oct 17 date at Happy Hours; if that manifests, I’ll post it here, and on the various sites that seem to eat up so much of our time these days.

OK, it’s 4:30 AM.  Time for this night owl to go to sleep.  Lots to do tomorrow.

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