New Songs!

Some of you have been asking about new songs, and YES! – we are writing/arranging a bunch of new tunes – some of which we’ve started tossing into live shows, such as Seven Wonders.  As we play the clubs/bars, we realize that some people want to hear some familiar tunes to dance to, and we’ve added a few more remakes to meet these requests.  (It also keeps the bars happy, since dancers buy a lot of beer!)  But it’s a delicate line that we tread, and our balancing act is not without stumbles.

What tends to happen is that a lot of our favorite tunes don’t fit into that type of show, which is why Brian, Daemon and I have also been creating new versions of some of our more artsy tunes into the trio format.  It’s a different sound, and all of us are looking forward to performing these.  For those who are into lyrics especially, this will be a  cool way to hear us.

So to our friends/fans who love our originals – and we love you for that – please be patient as we continue to find our balance.

In the meantime, the full Rock Scarlet band will be performing some of our favorite original songs at the next show at Goodfellas on November 13th – some of the songs that we haven’t played much lately, like Egypt Eyes, Marmalade Moonlight, Fingerprints… Hopefully also some more brand new ones.

I love the lyrics of some of these tunes and I do miss playing them!  And now the new ones coming…well, I’m really happy about them as they take shape; I hope you’ll all enjoy them once they’re done.

In fact, there are too many new songs partially written for us to get to them all in rehearsal!  It’s a great “problem” to have, actually. :-)  — an excess of creativity.  Now if we can just get to work on making more time, LOL! 

And I am grateful every day for the music, the inspiration, and for all of YOU, who are right here with us on this adventure.

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