Autumn Equinox ponderings

Wow, already that time…Autumn Equinox!  I’ve been pondering energy and connections the past few days; people  connecting in person and over the internet…people who love the music, or enjoyed an article I’ve written, just sending an email or speaking a kind word at a show. 

Connections to the Earth, gardening and now harvesting, connections to the companion animals we live with and the wild ones we share this planet with. 

And I’m reminded of a vision of a gigantic beautiful gossamer web – I saw this some years ago in an awesome vision that’s stayed with me.   That bio-electric web connected everything, all of life, and when I looked at it I could see the tiny energy threads connecting me to everyone I knew or had known, or would know…and beyond that, to all living things… and beyond that connecting to all things throughout time, all impacting each other, since time is actually all happening at once.

As the band energy is changing, too.  Something wonderful is happening,

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