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I’ve begun updating the lyrics page at – having added some songs such as Circus that we don’t do often enough at the live shows.  I have been quite remiss in adding to that page and I’m attempting to correct that.  There are probably 5-6 songs that weren’t posted there before, and more to  come.


Since some of these are specifically Psychanaut songs, I’ve not added them to the Rock Scarlet website.  Probably eventually there will be just a link on the various project websites that link to the lyrics page here at so things don’t need to be duplicated.  (Ah, what must it be like to be organized? :-D)

But for those of you most-especially-valued-people who enjoy the lyrics, there are some fun new tidbits there: Circus, Oracle, Deseree, Sacred Dance, and Gravity Well.  Deseree is the oldest song I’ve posted yet, but there are more…I’ve been writing songs almost as long as I’ve been in this life – but only the ones I’m still performing will be posted here.

some very great news: I spoke with someone who has designed some cool backdrops for us, which I  can easily edit and add the logos to!  And, that’s not all:someone else has graciously offered to help with editing/creating some new videos of Rock Scarlet!  If all happens as I’m envisioning, there will be more videos finally completed for youtube, and once we have 1/2 hour worth, they will also be going onto the community access television station.  Finally!  And a special thanks to Chris and Sherl who’ve videotaped several shows to make that happen.

And, even more progress – today Brian began mixing a rehearsal recorded just last month; there are both original tunes and some covers – we can add a few of these to that live recording from several months back to create a live CD to make available at shows. 

I haven’t  talked at all about updating our music recording PC and some of our software – and the crazy learning curve we’ve been on.  It’s been slow going, but we are making progress.  Not to bore you with the intense details, but suffice it to say that “crazy” describes it 😀

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