Rehearsal for more recording

Last night we rehearsed with Rock Scarlet, doing three of the tunes: “Wayside”, “Riding the Wheel”, and “Ring That Bell” (formerly Oh Yeah!).

For these three, we’re going to a local studio to record and mix them, since the feel of the basic tracks weren’t quite captured in the original sessions. This way, they should be completed just as the other 7 are being mixed this summer – speeding up the process.:-)

Very cool that we had saved some $ in the band fund from shows to be able to have this option.
Thanks to all of you for your patience; I know that some of your favorite tunes are in this particular collection and you’ve been waiting for them to be completed.

And they sound great; last night the energy was super good. We’re booked for June 2nd and 3rd and it should be great fun to have somebody else do the engineering and just go in and play!


Wayside is one of our favorite songs; Brian and I wrote it last year. Well, it really wrote itself. Brian played this musical riff and the entire lyrics just flowed quick and effortless. I barely had time to jot them down as I sang them; it all came together so fast. The arrangement hasn’t even changed from that first night – we just showed it to the band and away it went.

Perhaps I’ll add more about wayside later.

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