This Saturday Dec 19th Show at Happy Hours

This Saturday “not yet Psychanaut” will be playing at Happy Hours from 8-12!  Brian, Daemon and I will be performing with rhythm section provided by Axel Fleming and Joel Root.

We’ll perform some stuff on acoustic guitars, some on electric, and some blended tunes with a bit of both.  Brian will do some slide guitar work as well. 

The collection of players for this show is a rather loose confederation brought together by synchronicity rather than design!  There may eventually be a keyboardist, and backing members may change as we find the right fit.  Axel and Joel don’t know all of the original material, so just  for this show we’ll be playing some extra covers/remakes, including some stuff you’ve requested over the years.

That means that I’ll sing a Heart tune and a Stevie Nicks song, and maybe even a bit of Tina Turner, as well as some Van Halen and other rock stuff that we’ve done in Rock Scarlet.  Daemon and I will do a duet on Battle of Evermore and a unique presentation of Breathe by Pink Floyd… and more. 

Due to the newness factor and holiday season minimal rehearsal  time, we did not make fliers or advertise this show (we’re still pondering whether to send out an email to the list)  so for those of you who happen to come out, this should be a rather unique show…a “secret show” of sorts.

Let’s see what happens and have some fun!

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