update on recording, mixing and writing

Scarlet Jinn photo july 07Weather slowed down some of the outdoor video – rain and threats of rain postponed our short hike to the second magickal location we want to use. But we’re using this time to mix; and I believe we’ll have a new tune posted really soon.  Meanwhile, I’m posting a new  recent photo  just to fill the space. 🙂

Sitting down together and really analyzing and comparing the tunes that were recorded at Ben’s studio with the tunes recorded here on our Computer was an amazing and pretty wonderful eye-opener. Realizing the expense of his microphones and outboard gear, we expected to hear a gigantic difference – but it’s so cool how close the quality sounds!

And so we’ve decided to mix this ourselves over the past few days…and over the next few. For those of you who’ve recorded yourselves (and there are countless people recording themselves) you know that if the original tracks are clean and sound good, it’s so much easier to mix! (In fact, it’d be fun to exchange messages with anybody who is into digital recording.)

Also, Brian, Richie and I have been getting together to arrange new songs – we’re so jazzed about these, we couldn’t just let them sit there neglected…Sooo we’re playing (this week it was 3 nights of rehearsing/ playing) and mixing the other nights.

Tonight I’m just going to relax and catch up on other Life stuff – I want to be sure to always take time to just BE, ’cause of course, that’s where the music comes from. 🙂

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