Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice marks the date of the longest night and the shortest day.  From now until Summer Solstice we get a few seconds more of daylight each day.  Thus it’s also the traditional time of new beginnings.  Rather than wait till January 1st, this is the time for renewal, and new beginnings.

It’s appropriate that today I’m beginning to look forward to Psychanaut as a new beginning for our music…although it could also be considered a continuation of Rock Scarlet, and in reality, all the bands I’ve sung my songs with.  (Whoa, that goes back sooo far!) LOL.

With the same guitars and vocals and the same writing, lots will stay the same.  What I’m wanting with Psychanaut is the pro players with ability to rock as hard as RS, but also the skills to know when to make space & create moods.  I’m excited to let more songs finally see the light of day with Psychanaut.

What I’m also looking for is players with soul and who get the vision and vibe of what the music is about.  Until the right people come along, we’ll most likely have a few new faces come and go.  But the songwriting, vocals, and front people are still the same.

Oh, Yeah!

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