Gravity Well

The newest song we’ve completed writing and recording is Gravity Well, and it’s almost ready to mix.  Once that’s done, we’ll post it and I’ll announce that it’s available.  We had a lot of fun recording the harmonies for this one, it required projection of a certain attitude that could only be achieved by singing the harmony parts in a unusual voice.  We should have videoed that session, it would’ve made you laugh.

My favorite part of this song is the chorus, “The game is hide and seek till I find myself, hidden in illusion at the bottom of – the gravity well.”  the music is played a bit heavier to portray the gravity. 

And of course there’s nowhere to go from the bottom of the Gravity Well but up. 😉

It’s part of the Labyrinth collection that will be featured in a new section on the Psychanaut website.  Many of the songs in the Labyrinth you’ve already heard at Rock Scarlet shows…such as Wayside, Egypt Eyes, Oracle & Alchemy Waits.  What’s been missing is a format to present them and let them tell a story. 

So adding this piece is going to help bring it all together.  Of course, if you don’t want to venture into the Labyrinth or play with ideas, and you just wanna rock — you can still get the songs directly from the download page… but eventually, the Labyrinth will be a cool way to preview the tunes while visiting some cool imagery within the Labyrinth.

PS)I’m looking for artistic people to help with creation of  the Labyrinth artwork.  If you’re interested or  want to help out, contact me either from or Rock

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  1. Scarlet – when will we be able to hear the new songs. Having withdrawl from not seeing/hearing the band for too long, lol. Any timeline for the new song releases, or videos or new shows?

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