Everybody wants a show…and recording updates

Yes, I’m getting all your emails and messages on myspace and facebook asking “when is the next show?”  Some of you are worried, some of you are a bit annoyed, and some of you are just really wanting the music and miss us.  We miss you too.   I love hearing from you, it really touches me that so many of you care enough to write…

… and I’m sorry that right now I don’t have an idea of upcoming dates.

However, finally, with less shows we are getting major stuff accomplished on all these recordings.  I’m so happy about some of these tunes!  And we are jamming too, with various players, looking for the right new individuals to add to Psychanaut. 

We have also recorded  some brand new songs – so along with the ones you’ve been waiting for, there will be some new unheard ones.  I’ve mentioned Gravity Well already – I’m really pleased with it so far; it’s captured the exact right vibe that I wanted to convey.  For those of you who like the heavy Rock Scarlet stuff, you’ll love this one.

And we’ve re-recorded Alchemy Waits; the old players never quite got the energy I wanted in there, and now I think we have it.  It’s kind of been reborn, which then stimulated me to tweak the lyrics a little bit.  It’s still got that voodoo swamp feel, the guitars are sultry and smooth, and the drums are understated now, to make room for other percussion instruments.  It feels awesome.

Arriving is one of the more Floydian tunes that I don’t think anybody has heard yet.  We’ve recorded it and I think the feel is right.  I’ve put some keyboards on it and the guitars are just soaring.

The next one I’d like to record is called Howling Growling Rock,  and all I can say so far is that if you like Looking Glass Road, our Zeppelin stuff and our ACDC remake, you’ll like this one.  It’ll be especially fun to do live!

Back to shows – we’re aiming at re-emerging in Spring, depending upon getting the right chemistry.  As much as I love my Rock Scarlet guys, I’m looking for a slightly different energy to round out the band in Psychanaut.  More flexibility and more diverse sounds to match the magick of the stories in  the tunes.

Just keep checking here, or my facebook and twitter pages for more updates.  I won’t leave you in the dark.


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