About the Labyrinth Collection

Several of our older songs and almost all of the new ones fall into the Labyrinth Collection that will be featured on Psychanaut.com.  It’s a musical story (although any song can stand on its own too) of Universal Consciousness taking physical form, and having a myriad of life these experiences on the way to remembering itself.  These last days in the studio working on the songs for this collection have been super productive.


  Gravity Well is the first tune after Song of Our Life.  “Song” takes place as the decision to explore earth is happening; it’s expansive and a short, magickal tune.   And Gravity Well happens right in the depth of the experience, as the amnesia takes hold and Consciousness forgets who/what it really is…so it’s heavy and gritty.  I’m really happy with it, and with the striking contrast between the  two songs.

What I’m wanting to do with this collection is to create an atmosphere for each song… rather than just a bunch of generic rock tunes.  These two should be done quite soon – Gravity Well would have been done already, but we took a couple days off the get an objective fresh listen before mixing it.

This feels so great, even though many of you are writing and asking when we’ll play live again… (and I do look forward to rocking with you all again) I also don’t want to just grab any old players and rush back onstage to slog through some tunes.  We really want to add some new players with a bit more flexibility, positive vision, and dedication than Rock Scarlet had.  Although I love those guys,  I really want a new energy now.  When the right players come along, we’ll know.  And so will you. 🙂

We burned a Cd of Gravity Well and even unmixed, it’s really good.  It’s sounding just like I wanted it to – I feel like we’re really onto something cool.

I will post the announcement when the next songs are uploaded to psychanaut.com

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