Be the change you want to see in the world ~ Gandhi

I’ve been pondering the intense changes that are happening among many of the wonderful people I know right now – precipitated by the BP Oil Genocide/Disaster.  I have noticed that I am not the only one who feels deep changes happening.


Knowing that we chose to be here on earth at this time, and we knew that we would have to EVOLVE, grow, and bloom to meet the challenges. We CHOSE it, so we must have the ability to go thru it. We must confront absolute evil without anger or hate, but with only LOVE.

I think it’s just starting to sink in.

In the past, political and environmental activists have generally come from justifiable anger at injustice, cruelty, greed, and environmental destruction.  Generally, working in the political theatre was somewhat ego centered, left-brain activity.  Meanwhile people involved in consciousness rightly felt that it was only by becoming healthy, empowered people –making personal change – that we could ever expect real change in society.  But these people then tended to withdraw from political energies, remaining disengaged, and focused in right-brain activities.  Rarely have we been able to fully blend our two natures.

I’ve been talking with several of the beautiful people I know, some who are sharing some terrible news smuggled out by workers in the gulf (in spite of the news blackout).  it is so intense! We grieve for our ocean family.  We are all working to do our part to save those we can – against insurmountable odds.  The destruction continues, yet we do not give up.   There are rumors of countless dolphin and whale bodies being destroyed, such as one shared with me today here!/note.php?note_id=409412428913&id=1808676681&ref=mf

And we are all doing our part to help transform our society from the sick one it is today, to a beautiful life-honoring one that it must become.  Meditators and Wiccans are volunteering right beside environmental activists.   And at last, everyone seems to be of one mind.  It reminds me of the Quakers who turned their spiritual beliefs into action in the Underground Railroad.  How could they stay so mild mannered in the face of such injustice and cruelty?  Most people would either look away or be enraged. 

Like today, most people choose to either look away or be enraged.

Yet, all of us are finding an evolutionary leap happening in us.. its weird and strange and powerful.  It feels like "a quickening" – being increasingly stronger and empowered, and staying in LOVE.  As one of my friends said, "as advanced souls, we grow wings." That is exactly what it feels like. 

I have found myself more engaged than ever, yet also having a heightened sense of awareness.  All my senses seem to be more active – colors are more vivid, sounds more intense.  Music is flowing thru my mind even more than usual.  It feels almost psychedelic in its intensity.  Many of my friends report something similar.

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