Lammas – full songs being posted on soundclick today

Wow, August first already – since it’s the first of the three Harvest celebrations in Celtic tradition -and also a day to celebrate Crafts and Skills: it seems a fortuitous time to announce that the individual songs are being posted in their entirety on Woo-hoo!

Soundclick has a limit on the amount of songs until we become paying members, and for now we’re using the free version, but there are songs available there now for download! Once we begin paying, we’ll be able to add limitless songs and make the page more decorative. My personal soundclick page is

How to get to the music: Right below the profile photo is a link to Rock Scarlet’s page. On that Rock Scarlet page is a link that says “music” which takes you to the listening area. You can listen to the entire tunes free, of course, and even download them for a whopping .75 cents. (Of which the band gets .52 cents).

We’ll be releasing a new Rock Scarlet song on that same soudclick page within a week or so…many tunes are close to being mixed, so whichever one is completed first will be the one to go up first.

There will also be posted at least two songs that I performed a few years back for inclusion on a mellow rock style compilation CD. One is Desiree, which you may have heard us perform in its Big Rock glory – this is the mellow version. 🙂 Another is called Hana’s song, and it’s quite different, I sequenced a bunch of keyboards on it and layered a ton of vocals.

I may even post some older rock tunes just for fun!

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  1. Wow!! That is so awesome of you to make this all available for us. I can’t wait to see you again “live.”

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