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Well, yes, it’s been a while!  I’ve found myself rather occupied commenting upon various blogs, and writing *another blog that’s semi-anonymous… and so neglecting this one a bit.  But now I’m BACK.

We are doing a benefit At Cozmic Pizza the night of January 14th, 2012There are several jamming bands up before us, starting at 7PM, and time being laid back..I’d expect we may go onstage at 10:30PM or 11ish.

Really looking forward to introducing those of you who haven’t seen the new line-up to Pirate Pete, Dr. Bird, and Sir Ian of Loveland..and of course Brian “Stunner” and I will be there with proverbial bells on..ready to have some fun and rock!

We’ll be doing some brand new Psychanaut tunes, as well as a few of your Scarlet favorites, plus a remake or two…and it’s all in support of, Occupy Eugene, which is, well… ALL of us, the 99%…will be a fun, rockin time to celebrate together and share some love & music.

Other bands are Kokobola, Jillian, Jonezer, and then topping off the night, the guys and I.  (They’ve billed us as Scarlet Jinn & Psychanaut.)

And did I mention that Cozmic Pizza makes a great pizza?  OMG!  You can get a decadent one with pesto or roasted garlic, with margarita sauce, or any of a bunch of gourmet varieties they have there – if you’ve eaten there, you already know, but if you haven’t, you really should!   My favorite is a deceptively simple vegan pizza with whole wheat, their delicious tomato sauce, black olives and mushrooms. Yum.

But I digress.

It’s a benefit –cover is $5 bucks on a sliding scale up to whatever; bring your friends, and, as always, we’ll be looking for YOU!




PS) If you want to follow my other blog, just email me and I’ll send you the URL.

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