Creswell show, Cresfest Saturday August 25th

live 07Oh, it’s been many days since I’ve blogged, but I’ve been thinking about it! 🙂 There’s so much going on right now with the mixing and the video, plus playing music with so many great local musicians who’ve been showing up lately wanting to PLAY!
Soooo, it appears that a bunch of us will be doing a surprise outdoor show in Crestwell, Crestfest Saturday August 25. I’ll be singing and Brian will be playing guitar with 3 bands, (whew). Expect to see some new a strange combinations as we mix and match players and styles from Rock Scarlet originals to bluesy rock covers to 80s hard rock and metal remakes. I’ll be singing Zeppelin, Humble Pie, Deep Purple, UFO…plus some brand new original songs never played before an audience. Should be fun 😀

The players will be various individuals from Rock Scarlet, NTH, and The Alternates, and Blue Face. I’ll do a duet with a male vocalist on one of his original tunes, as well as play some keyboards here and there when he’s singing. Our portion of the show will run from about 6:00 – 10:00 – they have to stop at 10.00.

This is a fun opportunity for all of us to come together in a variety of kaleidescope mixtures and see what happens!

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  1. Wow!! This sounds fantastic. It just so happens that I think we have that day off from work. I will have to check to confirm, and being in Grants Pass, I’ll have to check exactly where Creswell is. I also need to bring some friends to introduce to your live performance. –very excited to hear this, and strong hopes to try and be there!! Wooo-Hooo!!!!!

  2. hey were playin 4th of july at dexter resivior if you like us contact john eastman at 541-554-4934 we love to play crestfest and weve got some new songs /and we do covers !also july 6th were at mohawk tavern in springfield oregon to bimart.!!weve got projection and big screens for animation to each song we play to our own animation up on the huge screens on the back of the stageand we have a huge trailer portable stage with trelluses and par can 16 can of lighting AND EV 48channel boardW /HUGE jbl towers and monster subs and huge amount of special effect trick lightingand gear. . our music 60s-2013 we have original old and new music 50 song +also we have other musician or artist come up and preformwith us other times we welcome people to get up and play with the eastmanband.and take pictures.all about having a goodtime and the audiences who celebrate with you knowing there having a give us a call we would love to come out.

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