CDBaby – songs are up!

Yay!  Several of the songs have now been posted to CDBaby ~ this means you can listen to them and/or get them on our website at , our facebook page at , and i-tunes, Amazon, etc.  Right now, I was able to configure the “widget” to play each entire song on the facebook page, but it currently only plays a short sample on the website.  If there’s a way to fix that, I’ll do so.

We’ve also recorded a version of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit”…and it is now posted as well.  We have such fun with it live that we decided to go ahead and break with tradition a bit and record a “remake”.  Let me know what you think of the new tunes!

CDBaby wanted individual images for each song and I decided rather than just post more rather boring photos of the band (does the world really need more photos of musicians?) Instead, I’d make an image for each song.  Well, this turned out to be quite a time-devouring endeavor… as you can imagine… but it was also a lot of fun.  I do like playing with color, and I had general ideas for each song.  (White Rabbit actually took the longest, because I sketched a rather groovy rabbit, but all my drawings kept turning out like cartoons, so in the end I just created a rabbit aura and went with that.)

Each image is also downloadable with the corresponding tune, so you’ll have my digital “artwork” in all its 300 dpi glory if you so desire.  🙂   Sarcasm aside, I am keeping my eyes open for a visionary artist who might want to create some imagery for the songs we’re currently recording.

Yes, we’re recording “Tula Luna”, “Seven Wonders” and “Earthling” now, but we do also have some shows coming up, so that will probably delay the completion of the recordings a bit.   Very excited about the new recordings!  Once they’re mixed and mastered,  they’ll be posted at CDBaby and all the affiliated places alongside the rest of the tunes.

Speaking of shows, there have been some private gigs which we, unfortunately, couldn’t invite you all to, but we are doing a festival in Lincoln City on Saturday Sept 1st.  It’s a weekend long festival starting on Friday, I believe, and running through Sunday.  Right now, we’re scheduled to start at 5PM on Saturday.

We also have a tentative public show on Wednesday evening Sept 19th at Sam Bonds.  I hope this is a benefit, but I don’t have all the info on this one yet.

~Keep that love mojo flowing!


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