Updated directions to Cresfest Party this Saturday

Here’s the updated info on the Saturday (August 25) Party/Show – Cresfest:

Time: about 5 or 6:00 PM -10:00 PM. They say the music must stop at 10:00 PM

Cost is Free. It’s on private property, so don’t be surprised to see houses. We’ve been told there’s a very cool stage, and we’ll be supplementing their PA a bit.

All musicians will mix and match playing in various formats, so expect to hear some fun jams, classic 70s and 80s and some brand new Rock Scarlet songs. Musicians from NTH, Blue Face, and The Alternates will all be there with us. I’ll even do a duet with a male vocalist on a song he wrote, plus play keyboards here and there. Brian will be playing guitars all night, and Richie will be drumming most of the time. I’ll be doing probably 80-90% of the vocals…lots of music in a very different format!

Directions will be emailed to the Rock Scarlet newsletter.  Not on the list?   Visit Rock Scarlet’s newsletter sign up form.

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  1. Thanks for letting me know that there are STILL some GREAT rockers out there!!!! Loved the band tracks online have you got more? Put them up, can’t wait – I like this kind of sound. You should tour Aussie. Lots of ‘rockheads’ like me downunder.

  2. I was curious about the Cresfest, can you tell me more about it? I can’t seem to find a website about this festival. Thank you, Cat

  3. This year’s Cresfest is happening Saturday August 22nd. We go on after the Fire Divas (they go on at about 9:00PM – 9:15 or so). We expect to play till about 11PM This year cover is $5.00. There will be other bands starting at around 4 or 5PM…belly dancers, too.
    There is no website about this yet as it’s still somewhat an “unofficial” gathering, it’s grown from a friendly small party to a friendly bigger gathering – bigger each year. The guy who runs it puts a lot of energy, time and money into making it happen and we all help out. It’s a lot of fun.
    Come out and join us 🙂

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