CresFest Party Report and an invitation to join our team

night falls as show begins

night falls as show begins

Last weekend’s CresFest was really fun, and as several of you predicted, it did indeed have its moments of magick! Those of us who played in all three bands were a little exhausted by the end, but since our original project was last, we re-energized ourselves and hit the stage big.

This photo above was taken with the second project, which began at sunset and played for a bit over an hour..we performed a bunch of 70s and 80s classic tunes from Deep Purple to Humble Pie to UFO to Trower; the musicians were excellent and we had a great time.

Although it was located on private property, they set up a great stage with a backdrop screen for showing video images and live footage of the band. Turns out that the guy behind the event is really into video background art which was very cool. There were about 300 people there, and the nearly full moon rose right over the stage as we began our Rock Scarlet set. Chris, who ran the PA did an incredible job and got our intro just right, as our logo animation showed on the screen behind us.

Brian at soundcheck

Brian at soundcheck

Reports of video are coming in, as are some random photo shots such as the one shown here, taken at sound check early in the evening. I’ll post a few more as they come in…We got some video ourselves, thanks to Richie who, besides drumming in all projects, miraculously coordinated the cameras, too.

To local Rock Scarlet fans who made it to Creswell to the party – thanks for coming out! It was great to visit a bit with you, and also to get your super valuable feedback on the new songs and the other new stuff. It was our first time playing a few new tunes: Jewel of the Realm, Oracle, and As the Crow Flies live… as well as new arrangements of some of our other originals.

Also, I want to thank our wonderful team who put in a lot of time (beginning the day before the show) to make the lights and sound work as professionally as possible in such an unpredictable setting. Our team is somewhat small, but are super people and are really dedicated. I can’t say enough about them.

And while I’m discussing our team, I’d like to put it out there that we are looking for people to work/play with us! We need helpers such as a guitar tech, a drum tech, and an additional helper or two to handle our merchandise and email list sign ups at shows, and somebody to assist with video production and lights. As long as I’m doing the Universal wish list, it would also be so good to have some promotional help. And I suppose this is really over the top, but a sound person who knows the material would be incredible.  And hey, some good backup vocals would really be welcome!

In short, our existing team does a lot of multitasking – and we are ready to expand.

If you share our vision of being a hard rocking force of positive energy and want to help out, contact us!:-)

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  1. I would like to help if you all would have me! Been around the biz for some time and know a few things but not much, just enough to be a hazard I think.

    Some say I can take a decent pic, that would help with promotion.

    Just say the word, I’ll be there in a heart beat.


  2. You guys are the best! Dave, I think whatever you’d enjoy doing would be perfect no matter where you are located. Who’s limited by distance anymore? We can video conference or ??? No limits.:-)
    And Jim, you are the most modest yet so incredible photographer! Nobody’s captured us like you have. Let’s do some new shots and brainstorm – We love you!!!

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