Your Creativity is Wanted – The Vision Gets Bigger!

Wow! I wanted to thank everybody who responded so far to my recent post with the wish list of our expanded team. The emails and messages are very cool…You guys are the best! And now the idea is expanding and overflowing…bit by bit… where is it going?

What I’m actually envisioning is something bigger than the “band”… and with your help we can create it. We’ve got some artists, a backdrop artist, a killer photographer, and possibly an additional video technician on board. And the one uniting theme is the power of positive rock and images. It’s really exciting!

How far can we take it? Can we combine the best of the rave scene with a bit of the 60’s be-ins, with the best of a shamanic quest, with powerful fantasy rock and positive images? These ideas are just gelling, but with each new person’s input it seems to take more form.

I just want to get outside the “band box” and do something fresh with our music. Something more multimedia and multisensory. The video we’re nearly done with will have a little bit of that direction and it should be posted really soon.

So what about you? Are you an actor, a poet, an artist, a juggler?!?! Wanna do something fun and fantastic? Do you want to co-create something?

Many many aeons ago I had a vision that the music would attract the people who were on the same wave length to make something wonderful… I feel as though that vision is starting to drift in thru the mists…

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