New song mixing this week; multimedia project updates

Ah, this life is too short isn’t it? We have all been so busy and the time just flies by. Sometimes you just gotta – stop – and breathe.. .get a fresh perspective, and follow your bliss. 🙂

So, with that mindset and a smile, we expect to complete mixing another song Tuesday night at Ben’s studio.

I believe we’ll be completing Wizard and the Gypsy. It’s so close to being finished, but we still need a more experienced engineer to help out with the mix…should be fun!

We’re still enjoying brainstorming with you on a new multimedia approach, and each idea takes us into some cool directions… We’ve spoken with film people and artists, and our goal is to allow each participant to do what they do best and love. Anyone who wants to participate in some way is welcome, just leave a comment or send an email. You can be an artist, poet, performer, writer, equipment person, tech, roadie, designer…anyone at all. The main requirement being that we are all on the same theme.

How would we define the theme? It’s mystical, fantasy, visionary…How about this: A positive artistic vision of our conscious evolutionary journey. (this definition is flexible and will itself certainly evolve over time). Do you have another phrase or idea to add?

Meanwhile, Rock Scarlet Rising has easily another entire CD worth of new material to record, and want to catch up on this backlog of tracks. New songs keep coming – and how great is that?

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