Glitch in the mix (temporary)

OK, a bit of a glitch in that Ben’s equipment wasn’t able to read the wav files on the CD. Sooo, I ran home and burned it to a DVD but still no go.  That was a puzzle, as we share wav files between computer studios all the time.

I’m very intellectually curious by nature, and I would have loved to figure this all out and make it work, but Ben is more passive that way and wanted to wait till tomorrow to call the manufacturers of his various bits of gear to ask advice. Sigh. It was a little frustrating.

But, the Universe once again reminds us to make lemonade out of lemons, so we took the time today to add a couple little keyboard parts that seemed to want to be in the song…so now it’s even better. I’m determined to mix this stuff even if I have to learn more engineering skills in a crash course mode. 🙂

The songs are just too good to be sitting unmixed, and more are being written so quickly – something’s gotta speed this up a bit. And I feel something happening…

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