Recording new tunes in an “empty” (slightly haunted) house

The guys and I spent the last weekend of 2007 in an “*empty” house, recording three songs:

  • Mushroom Sky
  • FingerPrints
  • Looking Glass Road

It was fun and went pretty smoothly, and what a great way to end the year. I’m thinking of putting the rough tracks up just for you to hear (even with scratch vocals), since it’s the mixes that take so long and delay posting.

*The house is about 170 years old and has a lot of energy in it – including a rather evident presence in the kitchen who seemed delighted that we were there. So I shouldn’t really call it an “empty” house! I suppose “empty-of-furniture-and-currently-living-humans” would be more accurate…Anyway, really good vibes and minimal weirdness this time – just nice warm energies. 🙂

And other news: we’re finally changing the band name this year…losing the word “rock” to open up some smaller venues that shy away from the gigantic “stadium style” stuff. We have so much yummy moody material that we don’t get to play at our rock shows; hopefully this will give us an opportunity to showcase all our material (depending upon the venue). So a name that doesn’t specify style is in order.  We’ll keep the Scarlet portion for now and hopefully let the name evolve from there, without losing our “name recognition” by just jumping into an entirely new name.  It feels mellow, like it’s all happening at its own time… so the name thing should be no big deal.

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  1. Post the roughs of these songs, I’ve been waiting to hear Mushroom Sky since you did it at a show here in Eugene a while back. I would love to have a copy of it. And a YouTube video of it, too.

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