More music from an “empty” house…

We’ve spent a few more evenings in the “empty” (and slightly haunted) house working on more recordings. What a great way to close out 07 and Welcome in 2008! So now we’ve got another version of Mushroom Sky and also these:

  • Standing in Your Light
  • Shadow Play
  • Agents of Change
  • Whatcha Do

Of course now the real work begins, as these are just the basic tracks with scratch vocals. (Typically, basic tracks are just the rhythm section, and the focus is on getting a good take of drums and bass.) Next comes overdubbing guitar parts, keyboard bits, vocals, harmonies – and then mixing. But we’re on a roll! There are some new ones we didn’t get ’round to yet, but these will keep us busy 🙂

On location recording is always an adventure – from discovering that one bad cord that’s making noise, figuring out where sound is bleeding thru onto other tracks, or having disturbed neighbors complain. But this time we didn’t have much of those usual gremlins as the house’s energy was so sweet, things went really smooth.

One of the evenings we were just removing our headsets from doing a take when there was a knock at the door. It was a guy who said he’d heard the music from over a mile away (!) and walked to the house following the sound. He really wanted to come in and listen, but we were pressed for time that evening and had to say no. He was quite a nice guy, and he then asked if he could just hang out on the porch and listen awhile. It was freezing out, but he stayed out there awhile, calling our “sounds really good!” between takes…

(I gave him some business cards, and we’d like to give him a copy of a song or two to make up for not having the time to visit with him – so if you’re reading this, let us know how to contact you.)

The kitchen ghost was giving us good energy throughout the recording – evidentially that lonely old 170 year old house liked the music!

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  1. your band is so tight I cant wait to get these mp3s. any idea when? hope to hear from you soon. Timm xx

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