The Alternate Scarlet Project

Just to clear up any confusion/rumors, yes Rock Scarlet is changing our name….we just haven’t settled on one yet. Our new name should fit both of our shows. Both shows? Yes! We’ve crafted an alternate set of tunes….Same players, but with a little more mood…a little more dynamics, and a bit less volume. We’re feeling quite multi-dimensional lately. 😉

In recording these recent songs, we realized that some of our favorite stuff was fun to record, but we never get to play it live…thus the idea for The New Scarlet Project was born. It’s really just an extension of our original Rock Scarlet project, but tailored to smaller venues and crowds that prefer their music a bit less loud.

It consists of all the same members as our current band, Rock Scarlet…and some of the same tunes, but arranged in an acoustic/electric format with extra dynamics. For those of you who have really connected with one of our more dynamic songs – this project will focus on them! We’ve played with this idea for some time, and those who’ve heard our songs in this format have given an enthusiastic YES…

Several comments have revolved around really “hearing” the vocals for the first time 🙂

Quite soon, we’ll change the name of Rock Scarlet to fit both sets…hopefully we’ll hit twice the clubs and have twice the fun. 😀

For some of those “laid back” benefits, and mellower clubs who’ve been hesitant to have us bring in our loud “stadium rock” show — The New Scarlet Project will fit in sweetly! And for the rock clubs we’re currently playing, we’ll still do our big and loud rock show.

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  1. Hey Scarlet – Any way you guys play it is going to be great, and I’m looking forward to the next recorded stuff. When will you play in Portland next?

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