Overdubs and Mixing

Well I wanted to give you another update on the recording…we’ve been at it pretty much non-stop…overdubbing, mixing…and basically seriously learning more about our studio gear! The songs are sounding really good with Brian especially just intensely focused on getting all these songs completed.

Finally all these songs we’d recorded are getting mixed – mostly due to Brian’s intense perserverance. Really the whole band is focused on it like never before, it’s very cool.

So the songs we recorded before we went into Visionarium, plus the Haunted House sessions from December 07 and early January 08 are all being worked up to completion!

Brian and I went to visit Billy Barnett (Gung Ho Studios) last week about having him mix just one song, and he has such great ideas and a studio full of vintage gear… but in the meantime, we’re mixing the rest ourselves.

I was feeling a little frustrated with my recording microphone – it’s warm sounding, but still wasn’t giving me the sound I’m used to hearing on my voice — until we watched “Mix it Like a Record” and learned more about studio plug-ins… compression, eq, gating, stuff like that. Just getting those few tips really helped the sound. I’d gotten spoiled from being in studios with zillion dollar mics and great engineers… but just letting go of preconceived ideas and limitations is finally paying off.

Brian came up with a signature riff in Dreammaker just the other evening…turning a really good song into a great one 🙂 He’s in the studio room right now mixing – all the drum mixes are done, and they sound just awesome. Brian’s got the ears to produce, being the pedal-sound afficianado that he is…so things are coming along. Next Richie will overdub some extra percussion (tamborine, shaker, stuff like that).

As always, I’ll announce when songs are posted. Samples will be here on the scarletjinn.com website first!

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  1. I think your music is great also your pic you look and sound likea proper rock chick what a pleasure. in fact your here all the time anyway as I have all your mp3s so far!! keep on rockin’ hope to hear from you real soon Best Wishes Timm xx

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