New “Professional” Bio

Do you want to know who I am, or just what I’ve done?  Who are YOU?  Is it all about the roles we play?  WFT?!?  Here we are, animated stardust, having taken shape as a planet and various lifeforms, and eventually having the ability to stand and look out into the night sky -across space/time, into the past, to see Ourselves.  It’s f*cking amazing!  And that’s the mindset I like to live in.  It’s a BIG consciousness, somehow temporarily sitting in this one tiny human form.

And now,  I’m told I have to have a “bio”.  Really?

For those of you who know me, or who’ve been following me  “lo these many years” — you know I detest bios.  Something about everybody droning on about what they’ve done just turns me off.  I made these delightful magickal bios for Psychanaut, which I loved, but I’m constantly reminded by more business types that funny bios won’t  get the gigs.

Sooo, I’ve gotten some help and now have a more “professional” bio than I’d ever write for myself.  I’ve just posted it here on the “Bio” page.

So, OK, I’m posting an actual professional bio.  But let’s not for one second pretend that any of us are anything as limiting as the sum of our “professional” experiences.  Or even our personal experiences.  We’re SO much more, and have the potential every day to be more wise, more loving, more awake… who knows what the limit might be?  Or if there is one?


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