What’s our potential?

In writing some of the new lyrics a bit of a philosophical discussion ensued… I suppose you could consider this all ongoing: I’d love your thoughts. Some of the topics…

What is our human potential? Can we know it? Is there a limit to it?
What about our individual potential? How do we consciously direct our own growth?
And what about actively using both sides of the brain – how could that change us?

It’s about human potential, and the discussion inevitably touches on politics and personal responsibility… you know… its all over the map. And always, a lot of what we say is more about our own attitudes than about any objective “truth”. But still very mind-expanding to see the world thru other’s eyes.

What’s going on outside of the senses that we’ve developed for life on earth? Is there something to the “hundredth monkey theory?”

These are the kinds of questions that can keep a certain kind of group of individuals talking for hours on end… add your input, and maybe we can digitize the conversation.

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  1. Human potential is such a vast subject. How can a human brain study itself? We’d never be objective, and I’ll bet thats the point of it all.Love your vibe, girl. P.S. What no more Portland shows? Then we need more videos loads of videos.

  2. Originally found you on Psychanaut’s Facebook page and followed through to here. You rock, and beyond that, your philosophy and thoughts are exactly what we need more of. I think that you should generate more on it follow up on those great lyrics. It’s not enough to chat, lets go deeper. To the next show/recording/gig. Cheers.

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