Show coming up Nov 15

Nov 15 Happy Hours

Nov 15 Happy Hours

The Big Love Band is returning to Happy Hours on Friday Nov 15th.  With the members knowing so many different songs, it is quite the amusing task to formulate the song list for a basic rock show.  Everybody has their fave tunes, and we like to make all of the players happy at least some of the time. This is a collection of people with…er, “diverse” tastes. 🙂

I dunno about this poster design; it seems too serious and as you know, I never take myself seriously…   it was a handy image so we used it.  Perhaps I can dig up a photo of me making a funny face, which would be far more entertaining.  🙂

There are some nice photos from the last show…they’ve been uploaded to the facebook page.  If you’re coming out on the 15th take some pics and we’ll post ’em there.  And maybe here, too –  Should be fun!


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