And Freedom Tastes of Reality

We’ve done our last show with the Big Love Band, and I’m delighted to move beyond that phase. I awoke the day after the show with such a sense of joy and freedom that reminded me that it’s always best to follow our hearts,

and my heart just wasn’t in that particular project. Some of the players just couldn’t grok the originals, and without the originals, well, it just felt meaningless. As a performer, doing a song well is great, but as a songwriter – well, of course I want to sing our originals! So with a friendly nod, Brian and I are off to spend time having a bit more fun and doing other things for a while. I’m going to take some time to taste the freedom.

There are a lot of things pulling me in a variety of directions: family stuff, and my other businesses, and writing new originals with Brian being certainly not the least. Let’s see where the next road leads.

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