Would You Do it All Again?

We’ve been having writing sessions almost every week and they’ve produced some very cool tunes… none that have been recorded yet (except as very rough live versions). I’m really pleased with them…and looking forward to getting these newer tunes completed and into the sets, and eventually recorded for your downloading. Once the 15 or so we’re completing now are uploaded, we’ll start on the new batch. Whew!

Monday night was a writing night rather than a full rehearsal. It was (as usual on writing nights) just Brian, Richie and me. Brian started a beautiful riff on guitar and Richie started playing this awesome drumbeat, it was a very moving and passionate sound.

And in just an instant this sound took me someplace. I suddenly saw this whole human experience in my mind, as if from beginning with some early humanoid and going thru to now and beyond… as if the entire “human experiment” this hologram we live in – were done, and a question: was it worth it? would you do it again?

So I started singing the lyrical answer as I pondered that. And it was really about 50/50 to me. Illusion or not, the feelings are real. Hmmm, all the wars, meanness and cruelty, but on the other side, all the love, the art and music, the brilliance. And then factoring in the beauty of this planet…and taking into consideration that we are still evolving… well it tipped the scales to 51% by the chorus, so now its called Do it All Again. It was so intense a feeling that at one point I had to blink back tears., not of sadness but of love for ..well, everything, the whole thing.

Luckily the guys were intent on jamming and didn’t notice :-).

If someone asked you that question, what would be your answer?

We three learned a lot about our own perspectives, and that of each other just by asking that question. I was actually very surprised by what the guys said…

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