Consciousness and Music

As a songwriter and performer, I’m interested in both sound and its effects upon human consciousness. “Rock” is a huge musical category, with tons of sub categories. “Doom” for instance, activates a much different consciousness level than a band that has the potential to activate awareness through their art -“Yes” and “Rush” being prime examples. Obviously some guy singing about murder is resonating on a much different wavelength than we’re addressing here. We’re going to focus on consciousness and musical styles.As far as people who are “into” self awareness, they tend to lean towards mellow sounds – flute, harp, softer keyboard stuff, maybe some really laid back jazz.

I understand that this style of music makes us feel mellower and calm, but there seems to be a huge need for upbeat rock music to balance it out. There’s times when we want to play, to activate our vision, or… to celebrate. And yes – there’s much to celebrate: life is happening all around us. Even now, in the worst of political corruption and environmental sorrows – against all odds, Life is playing out on this little planet of ours here at the edge of the milky way.

If we’re not stuck in a rut, every day there’s times when we’re energized or mystified or curious or amused or delighted with a new observation or situation. It’s a passion for the journey. And that’s what we’re expressing with this band.

So I’m often in a conundrum: I am very much a consciousness explorer, yet I’m a rocker at heart. I love the passion of rock music, and since I’m passionate about our human potential, spirit, and the evolution of consciousness, it seems like a natural blend to me.

I suppose as we make a conscious effort to present the songs in a more artistic manner, less edgy/heavy, but still preserving the integrity of the song’s energy, we are crafting a delivery that works for both the mystics and the rockers.

(From your comments, I know that a bunch of you feel the same. I love it that you “get” the lyrics, and I know that some of you got into the band after reading the lyrics, rather than the other way around. Either way, I really appreciate the compliments about my vocals and our lyrics – you guys are the best!)

Music is powerful, that much is certain. From the drumming and chanting of our ancestors to soundtracks used in modern commercials, sound is used to manipulate our emotions and our consciousness. As musicians, I feel its our responsibility to understand that we are creating and channeling energy out via our music. What energy do we want to see amplified and multiplied?

I’m opting for magick, mystery, and a sense of wonder.

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