Visionary Rockish Tunes

Psychanaut- Looking Glass Road

Psychanaut - Earthling

Psychanaut-  Marmalade Moonlight

Psychanaut- Egypt Eyes

Psychanaut- Gravity Well

Rock Scarlet - Wayside

Psychanaut - Waves

Rock Scarlet - Rock Version of Blue Pearl


Want the lyrics?

PPS)I've posted a few tunes on CD Baby   to allow more opportunity for new listeners to find them at the various partner sites.  But  life being as busy as it is, I admittedly haven't put much energy into that.

©Jinn-Elliott; all rights reserved
**©Scarlet Jinn; all rights reserved

Sweeter Mellow Tunes

Psychanaut - Mellow Version of Blue Pearl


Scarlet  Jinn - Deseree**

Scarlet Jinn - Sacred Dance**

Arriving (Wav Version)

Here's the first song I ever sequenced and recorded in my first little home studio back in the olden days.  It's kind of a lullaby for my daughter. Wait for her speaking at the very end. 🙂

Hana's Song

Coming Soon:

  • Tula Luna
  • Gypsy's Kiss


  1. I love your voice and the rock-n-roll music. The style has an etherial element which is delightful! I wish more humans lived every day in the unseen world!

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