Rockish Stuff
Psychanaut- Looking Glass Road


Psychanaut – Earthling


Psychanaut-  Marmalade Moonlight


Psychanaut- Egypt Eyes


Psychanaut- Gravity Well


Rock Scarlet – Wayside


Psychanaut – Waves


Rock Scarlet – Rock Version of Blue Pearl


Sweeter Stuff

Psychanaut – Mellow Version of Blue Pearl


Scarlet  Jinn – Deseree**

Scarlet Jinn – Sacred Dance**

Arriving (Wav Version)


Coming Soon:

  • I See You, See Me
  • Tula Luna

PS)  For you Psychanauts out there, I’d like you to have the .WAV versions, since these songs are mixed with you in mind, and the uncompressed version just sounds better.   WAV files are huge, though, so for now, let’s do this: post a comment or email me if you want the .WAV of a specific song, and I’ll upload it to dropbox and send you a download link.

Want the lyrics?

PPS)I’ve posted a few tunes on CD Baby  only to allow more opportunity for new listeners to find them at the various partner sites.  But I haven’t put much energy into that.

©Jinn-Elliott; all rights reserved
**©Scarlet Jinn; all rights reserved

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