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About My Background

I was born into a  long family line of intuitives and musicians, so I suppose it is only fitting that my greatest joy comes from creating original music that feels transformative,ecstatic, and has the potential to empower others to enhance their consciousness.  The women in my family have been intuitives, readers, and mystics for at least 5 generations. Having the benefit of the teachings of my wise and wild grandmother, I naturally continued that tradition from childhood onward.

At the age of 14 I had my first visionary experience of what many  refer to as “Universal Consciousness” or “the Mystery Which Can’t Be Told”.  I am grateful that from that point onward, I have remained open and actively sought out these consciousness expanding journeys – and over the many years,  I’ve accumulated a variety of techniques to facilitate their occurrence.  In addition, I’ve completed studies in Transpersonal Psychology, Jungian Psychology, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, and a variety of Shamanistic disciplines.

Since the early 90s, I’ve  been honored to teach these techniques to individuals and small workshops in multiple states.   Currently, I’m working on an e-book and related recorded material to better share these tools with a bigger audience.  I’m certainly not alone in feeling that NOW is the crucial time for humankind, both as individuals and as a society…and therefore I’m feeling that the most important thing I can do is to help others experience expanded consciousness.

Although I am working on building a system that a wider audience can access, I am still accepting personal clients on a limited basis.

Many people find it incongruous that I am both a consciousness facilitator and a rock performer, and it is sometimes a strange path to walk.  The use of rhythm and sound for consciousness expansion encompasses in general more repetitive and somewhat gentler sounds than the dynamic contrasts that I enjoy in performing original music.

Long ago I accepted the fact that I do not totally fit in or belong to either camp, and have come to consider myself a bridge between the realms of consciousness (expressed with sound healing and consciousness consultations) and passion (as expressed via rock performing.)  Most importantly: it’s fun — and it’s a natural expression of life to have both sweet calm spring days and wildly powerful typhoons.  It feels most balanced to me to embrace both.

Besides writing and performing original rock tunes, I love layering vocals in interesting way, creating soundscapes, and it’s true that almost any style of singing is a form of sound meditation for me.  The transformative power of sound has always been a big part of my path and I enjoy vocal chanting as well as playing with sound healing tools such as singing bowls, binaural beats, and recording effects.

In addition, I am quite experienced as an Evolutionary Facilitator & Counselor, and am still available for phone consultations by appointment.  (I use a variety of psychological and intuitive tools, including hypnosis, tarot, astrology, and pendulum work in these consultations.)  My clients sessions may address personal challenges, but my focus is always upon the bigger picture of  human potential, creativite self-expression and awakening consciousness.

For those who are interested, I have also listed several realms of study and my certifications.

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