Grace Under Fire

As many of you know, besides making visionary music, I also do hypnotherapy, coaching/counseling & sound healing. And since 2016, I’ve seen a big increase in the level of anxiety in nearly every client.  (Studies confirm this: anxiety is on the rise world-wide.) Some of my clients follow me on FB, and I’ve tried to […]

Some Thoughts of Consciousness and Religion

For those of us who follow the “Royal Road” of Direct Experience, accounts of other people’s insights, legends, and myth based religions have little appeal.  We may resonate with the person(s) who had the original insights, but we understand that each time someone has a direct experience of consciousness, Oneness, divinity…LIFE, (whatever you choose to  […]

Life is Life’s Greatest Gift

Psychanaut is coming along great! (although there is some tweaking as is always necessary) Still looking for just the right chemistry in players.  And the recordings are one by one being mixed/mastered.  The songs sound really great.  And its a great time for creativity!  New tunes are coming along.  But what I’m most pleased about […]

Updates…Rock Scarlet slowly morphing into Psychanaut

If you’ve seen my entries on Facebook and Twitter, you know that I recently spent a bunch of hours re-working our digital backdrop for tomorrow night’s Rock Scarlet show.  While working on it, I realized that it’s really a Psychanaut backdrop: cool space scenes and psychedelic morphing colors and swirls – so I was pretty […]

Rehearsal and appreciation…

Last night we had rehearsal, running thru songs for the show on Saturday night at Happy Hours, and changing up the sets a bit. It appears that we might also record that show, so if you’re there… the more noise the better! 🙂

Ancient History: My First Digital Audio System

Sometime in the mid-nineties I decided to build a computer dedicated to digital recording. No, I’d never built a computer, and no, I’d never really engineered myself or anything. I just had so much music in me and wanted to be self sufficient (or as self sufficient as an artist can be).