August 2009

Added date – Sept 4th (Full Moon) and Sept 5th Happy Hours

Rock Scarlet is booked Sept 5th at Happy Hours, but they’ve called and asked us to also do the 4th – so, it’s a last minute announcement:  A double dose of Rock Scarlet – woo-hoo.  :-)   Two nights of partying at Happy  Hours!  Here’s the poster:

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Updates…Rock Scarlet slowly morphing into Psychanaut

If you’ve seen my entries on Facebook and Twitter, you know that I recently spent a bunch of hours re-working our digital backdrop for tomorrow night’s Rock Scarlet show.  While working on it, I realized that it’s really a Psychanaut backdrop: cool space scenes and psychedelic morphing colors and swirls – so I was pretty inspired to work with it. 

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Cresfest this weekend Aug 22nd

Rock Scarlet will be playing Cresfest at a bout 9:00 PM this Saturday, august 22nd.  The entertainment starts at about 4:00 and includes other  bands, comedians, belly dancers and fire dancers.  Woo-hoo!

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Time for a new drummer for RS!

OK, it’s time for Rock Scarlet to start looking for a new drummer!  Although we’ll miss Richie, new energy is always great, and change is good  –  Sooo here we go!

Richie will play a few more shows if necessary, but we’re actively looking for the right person NOW.  That would be somebody who knows how to ROCK …and plays well with others.  LOL.  Someone who has the energy to be a part of what we’re about,  and wants to do fun and (mostly) paying gigs.

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