Monday & Tuesday Night in the Studio

studio60607-005.jpgWhew! We’ve finished the vocals and harmonies, and did a rough mix tonight of “Ring that Bell.” As always happens, we’ll need to listen tomorrow with fresh ears and make some adjustments. These 3:00AM mixes have their own personalities 😀 and often need to be tweaked a bit later.

This song is one that is quite different for us, but not in the same way as (for example) Alchemy Waits. This one is more “punky” and seems to want a different sound than the others. It’s a funny tune that was kind of a freak thing, we just wanted something “bashy” for live shows and it gets a really good response, so here we are. Once the mix is final we’ll post a sample of it here, or on the band website.

I thought I’d come back to this tomorrow and add a photo or two…but we’re back in the studio to work on the mix for Wayside on Wednesday and I have a feeling I won’t get to optimizing and resizing those pics just yet…

PS I’ve added Visionarium Studio to the blogroll…it has a very nice collection of outboard gear and mics, and the intent is to achieve a good blend between hard disc recording and analog. It’s a good studio for the price.

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  1. Aha, my dear! no wonder I don’t hear much from you these days, seems like you’ve been devoured by your Muse, what a delightful state… and your blogsite is delightful too. Looking fwd to catching Rock Scarlet LIVE again at a concert soon…

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