Progress report

Progress report…

We’ve added some wonderful new people to our “team” and are brainstorming quite a bit, letting the vibe of the songs lead into some very cool and different production ideas. In addition, on a whim I redid the lead vocal for Wizard and captured something I liked better than the original vocal. What a surprise!

Those of you who know me know that I’m quite the perfectionist with vocals in recording, and the original take was good, but it didn’t have quite the feel I wanted when I listened back. It was sultry, yes, but not “gritty” enough for that song. I wanted this particular vocal to sound a bit “looser” and not quite so controlled. Well inspiration struck, Brian tossed up a mic last night and I sang it just once thru – and I’m happier with it. Woo-hoo!

And “coincidentally” (in the process of buying guitar equipment) Brian met a guy with pro recording experience. They got to talking, the three of us got together, and upon hearing some of our material – as fortune would have it – he wants to produce the tunes.

D.  seems to be on the same page as us about the direction of our sound, sooo, after that little glitch at Ben’s, it seemed perfect timing to give this new fellow a shot. This could be very cool and fun. So guess what song we’re starting with? Yup, Wizard.

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  1. Sister Jinn, your band is tight, you have a talent for lyrics and vocals and your group just all around rocks!! It’s the kind of music you play to and from work and more importantly it’s the kind of music you sing along to. Loud! 😉 Stay tight, stay cool and keep it real! Next time you tour Arizona, I’ll make sure to make the show.

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