Gravity Well

The newest song we’ve completed writing and recording is Gravity Well, and it’s almost ready to mix.  Once that’s done, we’ll post it and I’ll announce that it’s available.  We had a lot of fun recording the harmonies for this one, it required projection of a certain attitude that could only be achieved by singing […]

New Songs!

Some of you have been asking about new songs, and YES! – we are writing/arranging a bunch of new tunes – some of which we’ve started tossing into live shows, such as Seven Wonders.  As we play the clubs/bars, we realize that some people want to hear some familiar tunes to dance to, and we’ve […]

Friday Oct 9th at Happy Hours

Well Autumn is here and it’s October already… now that its cooler, we’ll just have to heat things up a bit!  Coming up soon, a Friday night Rock Scarlet show at Happy Hours.  We’ll do four sets, probably a new remake or two, and maybe a new original (assuming we get the bugs out in […]

Updates…Rock Scarlet slowly morphing into Psychanaut

If you’ve seen my entries on Facebook and Twitter, you know that I recently spent a bunch of hours re-working our digital backdrop for tomorrow night’s Rock Scarlet show.  While working on it, I realized that it’s really a Psychanaut backdrop: cool space scenes and psychedelic morphing colors and swirls – so I was pretty […]

Cresfest this weekend Aug 22nd

Rock Scarlet will be playing Cresfest at a bout 9:00 PM this Saturday, august 22nd.  The entertainment starts at about 4:00 and includes other  bands, comedians, belly dancers and fire dancers.  Woo-hoo!

Time for a new drummer for RS!

OK, it’s time for Rock Scarlet to start looking for a new drummer!  Although we’ll miss Richie, new energy is always great, and change is good  –  Sooo here we go! Richie will play a few more shows if necessary, but we’re actively looking for the right person NOW.  That would be somebody who knows […]

New songs…

Working on a few new tunes that are going to be a bit more dynamic and airy than our usual fair, but definitely still rock.   Finally, it feels like we’re creating the musical energy that goes with the lyrics. 

Blue Pearl chorus

To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour. –William Blake

Rehearsal and updates

Last Wednesday we had a great rehearsal; we’re working up a bunch of new tunes, rearranging bits and getting them ready to perform and record.  We’d skipped last week, and we’ll skip this upcoming week too… so it was important to really get a bunch done in the time we had together.  It was great […]